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Customer Testimonials
The following remarks were all unsolicited letters and cards of thanks from our clients. I have worked for many companies that did not have any testimonials and some that did but they were solicited​. The fact that these we sent in on the appreciation for a job well done says a lot about this companies dedication to customer service.  
Rick Moore 

Many thanks to each and all who helped with the transition from a dinosaur into a state of the art home heating system.  Your reliability and expertise will kindly be remembered.

Thank you for all your help this year and a half.  You guys were always there for me when I needed you.

Thank you for doing a job that I consider to be well done.  The initial estimate for the work did not include rewiring some rather unsafe electrical setup around the furnace.  For the sake of safety you rewired this for me and the final bill was still under the initial estimate.  Color me a "happy camper"

You're the best, great job.

I would like to send a quick compliment to two of your staff who did an awesome job. I felt they went above and beyond their normal duties to assist me with my renovation dilemma. They offered guidance and helped me select the correct parts for the job. Once the job started they found additional problems and corrected them after calling me first to get approval. Thanks again Cam, your staff are to be commended.

Thank you for the prompt service and repair of our well and hot water tank. Everything is working fine. It is particularily nice to have good flow of cold water to the bathtub.

Can't thank you all enough for what you did for me.